Appearance Fallout 3
Inhabitants Wilson Family
Smith Family
Andale is a small town in Fallout 3, which is considered "the greatest town in Virginia" by its residents: two families that share a dark secret.


Andale is a small town located in the south area of the Capital Wasteland. It is inhabited by two families and an old man. Upon entering Andale, it may seem like a normal neighborhood; two families, kids, fathers work, mothers clean, but upon speaking to the old man, a former cannibal and a member of the Smith Family, the true darkness of the area is unearthed.

After the nuclear war, four families survived and took to cannibalism after they ran out of supplies, murdering and eating outsiders that passed through the town. According to Jack Smith, the Old Man Harris' "madness" scared some people and went away, without knowing that both families are cannibals. It became a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Despite of being cannibals, none of the familie members will attack the player if not harmed.

To get by, the fathers go to "work", but this work is actually the two of them going to an old shack around the back of one of the houses. If the player manages to pick lock themselves into the shack, they will find many human carcasses which have been cut up, some placed in cages, and some which have been chopped up into "strange meat" and placed into fridges. 

Upon leaving this shack after discovering its hidden secrets, the people of Andale will be gathered around the entrance to confront the player. The player can choose to use a speech check to get themselves out of trouble, or they can choose to kill all of the residents. The children will be made to live with the old man and the cannibalistic nature of the area will be removed.


  • Harris Smith (former cannibal) - grandfather
  • Gladys Smith (deceased) - grandmother
  • Jack Smith - father
  • Linda Smith - mother
  • Willy Wilson - father
  • Martha Wilson - mother
  • Junior Smith - son
  • Jenny Wilson - daughter


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Fallout 3 myths and legends 2 The Cannibal Town