Area 51
Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Mojave Wasteland
Behavior N/A
Existence FALSE

Area 51 is a myth in Fallout: New Vegas.


Ever since the release of the game, there have been rumors of a hidden military base that resembles Area 51. The gameworld of Fallout: New Vegas is based on the Mojave Desert and surrounding areas, and since Area 51 is located only a few miles north of Las Vegas in the real world, its existence in the game would have been very likely. The New California Republic is known to occupy military bases, and even set up their own, so the there is also the possibility of the NCR occupying Area 51. However, despite numerous investigations and fan made mods, Area 51 does not appear in the game.

Video Investigation

Fallout New Vegas MYTH AREA 51

Fallout New Vegas MYTH AREA 51