Forlorn Hope Ghost
Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Camp Forlorn Hope
Behavior GHASTLY
Existence UNLIKELY
Camp Forlorn Hope loc
The Camp Forlorn Hope Ghost is an unlikely myth found within Fallout: New Vegas.


Even by its name - Forlorn Hope - the camp is a place of death with frequent raids by the Legion and other factions. Even if the player completes it's quest chain to "improve" the base, most of the defenders will be dead by then. There is even a side quest in which the player can partake in where they help out in the Hospital - except if the player doesn't have the proper skills, the patients will die a gory death. Overall. the general angsty feeling, grimy environment and the chance to stumble on a fresh corpse, makes the vanilla camp a very intimidating place.

Within the graveyard inside the base, the player can hear whispering sounds and can see props, such as bottles, being thrown around. There are various minor reports that these same whispers can be heard within the Hospital if the player fails the sidequest, but this is unlikely. There are almost no reports of physical sightings, and the ones that are seen are usually misidentified NCR soldiers. It is possible that a poltergeist is haunting the camp, but thanks to many unfulfilled investigations, there is some doubts.


New Vegas Myths Camp Forlorn Hope Ghost

New Vegas Myths Camp Forlorn Hope Ghost