Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Mojave Wasteland
Behavior NONE
Existence PROVEN

Chance is a myth in Fallout: New Vegas.


Chance is the name of a raider who lived in the Mojave Wasteland. He is believed to have been a skilled member of the Great Khans. He is also a survivor of the Bitter Springs Massacre. Before Bitter Springs became controlled by the NCR, it was a Great Khan refuge. Almost every member of the Great Khans present was killed when the NCR attacked, but few survived. It is believed that one of these was Chance. Due to his post-traumatic stress disorder from the massacre, Chance suffered from a strong drug addiction and the sight of fire made him mad.

It is rumored that Chance was one of the Great Khans hired by Benny to track down and kill the Courier along with the two seen in-game. However, during their travels, they came across a small tribal village which was under attack by Fiends. The sight of the fire drove Chance into an insane rage and he entered the battle with just a knife. Once the battle was over, everyone in the village had been killed, but Chance was still alive, yet badly wounded. The other Great Khans members tried giving him drugs to aid his recovery, but these were unsuccessful and Chance died not far from the tribal village. His body was buried a short distance south of the village.


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Fallout New Vegas MYTH CHANCE

Fallout New Vegas MYTH CHANCE