Gibson is an easter egg in Fallout 3.


Gibson was one of the Minefield houses' inhabitants, found dead by 2277 in the Capitol Post office building.

Gibson's decapitated body can be found in the Capitol Post office building in L'Enfant. If the player searches him, they will find a key and a scrap of paper that has "Search the house!" written on it. If the player then goes to Gibson's house in Minefield, they will be able to open a model house, which contains a few minor items (despite the fact the model house can only be opened with a Lockpick skill of 100). The house is clearly abandoned and contains the corpse of a raider and other two skeletons in a bed huddled together.


  • Gibson is a reference to Hideo Kojima's 1988 video game Snatcher, in which a minor character called Jean-Jack Gibson is found decapitated within the ruins of a factory. He also has a note that says "Search the house!". The video game also features Gibson's house, which contains a model house.
  • Gibson's corpse is not beheaded in the German-censored version. However, there are two heads because the other one on the floor is not removed.



Fallout 3- The Legend of Gibson

Fallout 3- The Legend of Gibson