Lone Wolf Radio
Lone Wolf Radio
Appearance Fallout: New Vegas
Inhabitants Lone Wolf

Courier (optional)

Lone Wolf Radio loc
Lone Wolf Radio is a myth location in Fallout: New Vegas.



This piece of Copypasta was spread around websites like 4chan following the game's release, and helped the myth grow.

Lone Wolf Radio is an abandoned trailer, set up to be a broadcast station. It is located south of the city of Goodsprings and northwest of Primm. Similar to Goodsprings Cemetary, more than one kind of paranormal activity happens here. If the player is lucky enough, turning on one of the ham radios inside the trailer, they will be able to hear slight whispering underneath the static and white noise. If the player looks inside the trailer, he will see a piece of graffiti written in marker that says "Everyon [sic] is gone. I am all alone, Let it all end," and there is a bloodstain, which means rumors of the Lone Wolf's suicide are common. There is another graffiti reading "KEEP OUT!" The Player can follow a trail of blood up a nearby hill until it stops without a trace. A few people have claimed to have seen dismembered NCR troopers from the nearby city of Primm.

Early Rumours

The Lone Wolf, the inhabitant of his eponymous radio station, was originally believed to be featured in a removed story mission. He was a deranged killer and frequently killed anyone who wandered into Primm and Goodsprings. There was even a rumor that he would kill children. In the mission, the Courier had the choice to assist him during a murder which would grant him a special perk to deal more damage, or kill him for a large sum of Karma and faction reputation. However, there are no traces of this mission left the game, and no information can be found during the game's development time, so it was most likely just another piece of speculation before release.


When the myth of the Lone Wolf starting becoming increasingly popular, game designer Denise McMurry mentioned that he was inspired by a real-life friend of his, who would frequently go out to the University of Oregon and would soapbox various conspiracy theories.

"The inspiration for it came from when I was at the University of Oregon, every Saturday there was a guy who stood on a corner of the campus where everyone walked by. He had a personal microphone and speaker and would just babble on and on about one government conspiracy theory or the other. The radio shack was what I imagined he would have put together if he upgraded from travel speaker to pirate radio."
―Denise McMurry