Museum of Witchcraft
Appearance Fallout 4
Inhabitants Deathclaw

The Museum of Witchcraft is a myth location in Fallout 4.


The museum is located in an old church in the north-northeast section of the Commonwealth. The museum is entered upon first arrival by a hatch around the side of the church.

The interior of the church is very dilapidated. As the player makes their way around the basement, dust can be frequently seen emerging from the ceiling floor of the level above. Dead bodies are common place, and two can be seen being dragged away and dropped.

Once upstairs, the player will realise that the "monster" on the upper floor is infact a deathclaw which has killed some Gunners who stole a female deathclaw's egg. Once the player kills the deathclaw, they can remove the chain from the main entrance doors and are free to leave.

Apart from the deathclaw, the museum has long been believed to be haunted, mainly due to the terrifying interior and the rumors being spread around by the people of the Commonwealth.