Nellis Air Force Base Ghost
Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Nellis Air Force Base
Behavior GHASTLY
Existence UNLIKELY
The Nellis Air Force Base Ghost is a myth in Fallout: New Vegas.


In the real world, the Nellis Air Force Base is infamous for a large number of suicides committed by soldiers stationed there. When NAFB was found in the game, many of these players believe Obsidian snook in a small easter egg as a memorial to these troops and the investigation began - however, nothing notable came about. The hangars that make up a majority of the base are actually populated, so the existence of a ghost in this area is unlikely. However, NAFB does have a small graveyard in its northernmost sections that could very well be home to the ghost.


New Vegas Myths Nellis Air Force Base Ghost06:30

New Vegas Myths Nellis Air Force Base Ghost

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