Red Death
Game(s) Fallout 4
Location(s) Red Death Island
Behavior DEADLY
Existence PROVEN

The Red Death is a myth in Fallout 4.


The Red Death is a creature said to haunt the fog of Far Harbor. It is located on Red Death Island in the south-west of the map. The Sole Survivor must hunt down the creature with The Mariner during "The Great Hunt" quest.

The Red Death was feared for many years by the fisherman of The Island, many claiming that the red light frequently spotted during long periods of fog were from the creature as it killed many people. Once the fog rolled in to the harbor, all fisherman would stop what they were doing and get away from the sea. It has apparently been responsible for numerous ship losses around the island. Local legend tells that it is a fearsome, humongous sea monster.

However, despite all the rumors and "sightings", the Sole Survivor and The Mariner later find that is is infact a very small, completely docile mirelurk with glowing red eyes whose shine pierces the fog and lures curious captains to their doom. Every death the creature has ever caused has been was the result of ships running aground on the rocky areas around the island while attempting to investigate the mysterious red glow.

Video Investigation

Fallout 4 - Far Harbor - Hunt for The Red Death

Fallout 4 - Far Harbor - Hunt for The Red Death