Appearance Fallout 3
Inhabitants Feral ghoul

The Shelter is a myth location in Fallout 3.


Shelter is a very strange interior found beneath an unmarked bridge in the Capital Wasteland. It is located south of the Chryslus Building, and east of Farragut West Metro station.

The interior is extremely strange and harbors a trivial story. Just inside the entrance is a unique arrangement of items in the shape of a tower with a chessboard as a base, a small burned book supported by pencils with a coffee mug, an upside down Nuka-Cola and a tin can balanced above it. Touching this arrangement will topple it. Further inside the shelter is a feral ghoul and what appears to be the remains of a drug lab. Medical supplies are stuck into the face of a damaged garden gnome to form an effigy of the Statue of Liberty, and a trail of plungers go from the floor, up the wall, and onto part of the ceiling, accompanied by bloody hand prints. The skeleton of the would-be wall-crawler lies on the floor under the last plunger on the ceiling. A nearby mannequin brandishes more plungers and even wears one as a hat. There are about 50 plungers in the room, including one on the ceiling, which when shot oddly falls over upwards onto the ceiling. This would appear to be because there is an invisible barrier where that plunger is, and the roof has no collision. Thus, the plunger falls on the invisible barrier, and just appears to fall on the ceiling because of perspective. There is a man of plungers on the gurney with a metal helmet for a head and a knife in his crotch. The damaged garden gnome on the desk has a stimpak in his arm, and has at least 6 Med-X syringes stabbed into his eyes. He is also carrying a dose of jet. Between the doorway and the filing cabinets are two IV stands, each containing a blood pack.


In drawing a conclusion on what happened in the shelter, we would have to use evidence found inside. It appears that the inhabitant of the shelter was a hoarding serial killer. This is based on the large amount of items found lying around the interior, including a large statue head and an abundance of plungers, and the three skulls found in a fridge.

In terms of how he died, it would appear that he was chased around the room by the feral ghoul, hence the large amount of blood, and attempted escape by climbing the wall using his plungers. It appeared to work for the most part, up until he tried climbing along the ceiling as well. Gravity must have caught up with him, causing his plunger to lose grip, and sending him to his death. His body still has the plunger in its hand.


Video Investigation

Fallout 3- The Legend of Shelter

Fallout 3- The Legend of Shelter