Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Higgs Village
Behavior HOSTILE
Existence PROVEN
Higgs Village location

Stripe is a miniature Deathclaw that can be found in the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues. This easter egg is a direct reference to the film Gremlins' main antagonist. They share the same name and preference to chicken and they also have a similar size and fear of water.


Stripe can be found inside of Gabe's doghouse in Higgs Village, where he has a unique dog bowl called Gabe's bowl and a chicken leg. His name, dog-sized texture, preference of chicken and presumed fear of a fountain in Higgs Village clearly mark that he is a reference to the Gremlins' main antagonist. On the film, the evil Stripe dies on a fountain similar to the one found in-game.

Despite his small size, Stripe is as dangerous as a Deathclaw alpha male; he has slightly more HP but his range is obviously much shorter. Also he pursues enemies as far as the fountain before retreating back to his doghouse.



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