The Lakelurk Hunter
The Lakelurk Hunter
Myth hunters interpretation of The Lakelurk Hunter.
Game(s) Fallout: New Vegas
Location(s) Across the Mojave
Behavior UNKNOWN
Existence POSSIBLE
The Lakelurk Hunter is a mysterious, unseen hunter who specifically targets Lakelurks in Fallout: New Vegas.


The theory of a Lakelurk Hunter first began when players came across wounded and already dead Lakelurks, even in remote areas. The deaths of the Lakelurks could simply be some prior conflict with another creature, humans or even other Lakelurks as part of some complex social structure we may not yet be aware of. But what was odd was all the corpses were empty, stripped of the usual Lakelurk meat, something which does not happen during regular npc conflict.

Even stranger, in nesting locations where these 'empty' Lakelurks were found, completely empty Lakelurk egg clutches were also abundant.

Furthermore, not all Lakelurks of a particular area are wiped out and there is a clear absence of a losers corpse. It is typical for creatures and npc character to fight to the death leaving behind the bodies of the losing side in recent battles.

Some believe these are all marks of an expert hunter who possesses knowledge of maintaining the population of a species through sustainable harvesting. The Lakelurk Hunter may have scientific goals aimed at conducting research into Lakelurk physiology or society. It is also possible he/she may have been contracted by a third-party or is simply a skilled, knowledgeable hunter.

It could be theorized that the Lakelurk Hunter possesses an exceptional sneak skill and high knowledge of guns, most likely utilizing conventional, non-plasma based weapons as no plasma has ever been found at the suspected hunting grounds.