After having a playtrough with more than 70 hours spent in, I enjoyed a lot travelling trough the big Capital Wasteland. Fallout 3 was my first one in the series, and I never expected so scary and dark atmosphere, knowing that it isn't a horror game. Fallout 3 is full of creepy locations, and here I show my personal list. It isn't a top 10 or anything like that.

Despite all the following creppy locations, the scariest moment of the entire game is when you surpassed a 10MB save file and you realize that it is going to crash every ten seconds, and you know it!


I remember reaching this small town by chance and it seemed to be a normal and friendly place, but it is what it residents want you to think. I knew that something was wrong when I talked to the old man, but he could be some crazy guy. I was very interested in knowing what the hell was behind that locked door. Luckily I had a level 100 lockpick, but I was very impresed after seeing all that dismembered people and blood everywhere. Obviously when both families confronted me I did justice and sent all those crazy canibals to hell.

Deathclaw Sanctuary

I didn't have my first encounter with a deathclaw after some hours, but then I knew that those are some creatures not to fuck with. So... what a better idea than enter into a dark creepy cave full of them? There were two of those bastards at the entrance when I first reached the sanctuary, and I barely survived because of having more than a hundred stimpacks. I don't know if there was some kind of glitch, but I explored the entire cave and I just saw one deathclaw near the Endurance Bobblehead. I expected like a dozen. As to the place itself, it is pretty creepy, dark and scary, full of torned apart people, skeletons, guts everywhere... but hey, at least you can gen some unique waepons and a bobblehead.

Dunwich Building

Oh, Dunwich Building in a Creepiest Places in Fallout 3 list, what an original blog post! A list like this one has to have the scariest location in the entire Capital Wasteland. Strange hallucinations, self closing doors, coffee cups flying, and feral ghouls! Full of feral ghouls, God I hate them, they are so creepy and annoying. Each floor downstairs gets worse and worse, plus you can hear to that guy Jaime's messages, who gets crazier with each journal. You can find him at the bottom of the building, turned into a ghoul, hanging around his good friends the feral ghouls. I think that floor is the creepiest of all them, with that strange obelisk in which you have to put the Point Lookout book in order to see it disappearing into the flames.

McClellan Family Townhome

This one isn't scary at all, but its dark and sad atmosphere makes it a very creepy location to be. Seeing that child's skeleton with his teddy bear wasn't shocking, at that point in the game I saw it like a normal thing, but it was both sad and creepy seeing the family's old Mister Handy reciting a poem to him. Same to the "Walk Muffy" chore the robot has. I know it is a video game but the kid is nothing but bones and the dog (who supposedly died a long time ago) is in remarkable condition.

Point Lookout

I couldn't choose just one place for this expansion. Its dark and scary atmosphere is creepy enough and those overpowered deformed new enemies made me very tense when exploring the map. I think the scariest moment or quest of this DLC is the one in which you have to retrieve an old book from an underground altar full of blood, skulls and enemies.

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